An Urgent Personal Letter To Parents of Children With Asthma

This Is Important For You To Read Especially If Your Children Get Asthma, Then It Goes Away, Then It Comes Back, And So On…

And The Reality Is Worse Than You Think.

There is a difference between what your doctor is telling you, and other scientific information that can make a HUGE difference for your child’s future.  Watch this video for both the danger and the way to avoid it.

In this letter, I will share:

  1. A simple, drug free, fast acting and long lasting way to break your child out of the asthma cycle.  It works every time.  It is easy to learn.  It makes great sense in a simple, wise kind of way.  Children over the age of 3 years can learn it.  And if they forget all about it – and the asthma returns – it will work perfectly again to remove it again.
  2. How your child’s episodic asthma begins and progresses – and you will be nodding your head as you read.  “Yes – that is what happens with my child.”  And this insight will give you the power to interrupt the asthma pattern.
  3. EXACTLY what you need to know – the drills, the rules, the stories you use to train your children so they “get” it.  This is the secret to “growing out of asthma”.  Just break the cycle – on purpose. This process does NOT conflict with that from your doctors, there are no herbs or supplements, and no weird magical things to consider.  The science is straight out of medical text books, and has been proven in hospital trials and published in major medical journals.

Big Claims about asthma, but supported by medical text books and hospital clinical trials… 

I know these are big claims.  And I will give you the details below – but first I want to share some background so that you can have some faith in it.  And what I am telling you now is what I tell parents that I meet – mostly who have never heard any of this before – but who simply say “that makes perfect sense”. They apply it – and their children evade a potential lifetime of misery with asthma.

Not only do they evade misery – they increase their ability at sports, their power to concentrate, their confidence is boosted, and importantly they avoid become VICTIMS of asthma.  Being a victim is an automatic excuse not to give your very best.

So – what do you need to know first?

Hearing my story first will help you get some powerful clues that you can use to “figure asthma out”.  I did, and I have trained thousands to do the same.

First – I had severe asthma as a child.  It was episodic – which means that it varied in severity.  Some times it would be hardly present at all, other times was a horror with 4 hourly nebulizers, oral prednisolone plus other drugs that have been discontinued because of the side effects.  (My experience as a child was 40 years ago – the drugs are better now.)  My parents had very little idea about asthma or the effects it had on me – they were awesome and simply did their best according to what the doctors told them.

What most people did not realize that my childhood was spent in a very clear and powerful sleep deprivation.  It was there constantly – because even a slight amount of asthma destroyed my sleep pattern.  I did not know any better – I just assumed that was normal.  I was very, very keen on sports – and managed to become quite fit despite relying almost completely on puffers just to do anything.  Every day was filled with as much sport as I could find.  Living in an outback country town at the time was awesome – soccer, football, squash, cricket, tennis – there was something on everyday – or there was practice for it.

But – despite my massive enthusiasm and unrelenting work ethic – I could not crack the “big time” in any of the sports – because I could not breathe.  I knew I could do better – but it never happened.

The same applied in school as well – I was as smart as whip – and at times I would simply crush the schoolwork.  But – over time I was affected by lack of sleep – and my averages dropped.

What I am saying is that asthma symptoms are not the only consideration when looking at your child’s situation.  Even if the symptoms are well controlled by drugs – there is a cost.  When I had more of the drugs – I would become hyper – I could not think clearly, could not rest properly, would not eat well because I was continually seeking to change my state with food.  (Eating sweet things makes you feel better when you are “up” or stressed.  It is why we eat ice cream when upset.)

Over the decades I came to have an understanding of my asthma.  I studied science at University (Biochemistry) and then worked for a multinational pharmaceutical company.  Why – because I figured that they had the best resources for me to burrow into.  And burrow I did.  I learned every possible thing that the drug industry had on asthma – and there was a lot.

Despite that – my own asthma remained.  It varied just as when I was a child – but it was there.  There were times when it completely disappeared – like when I was learning Kung Fu – which involved ridiculous amounts of abdominal and core work.  We would do between 200 and 400 situps with punches each session, and that was 5 times per week.  I mention situps because that is a clue to the process I will show you shortly that will help you free your child from asthma.

Over the next 8 years while working from the pharma company as a specialist rep – I came to wonder simply “How do some people grow out of asthma?”  And I began to track and research as deeply as this allowed – remember this was BEFORE the internet.  I knew that my asthma varied – so that (logically) if I could work out why it varied – I could change the conditions I was in and make it vary itself out of existence!

So I a became a “tester”.  I tested diet first.  With massive discipline I tested everything from vegan to fruitarian to the prudent diet, to high protein, to high protein/high fat (like Atkins), the low everything…  And on.  My asthma would vary – but diet was only part of the model – and the changes only happened for a short time.

Then – one day in about 1993 I saw a TV report about a “Russian Breathing Method” being promoted by some dodgy looking people in Sydney, Australia.  They looked “dodgy” at first because the TV program was attempting to paint them as con artists taking advantage of “victims” of asthma.  The program showed video of people doing breath holding exercises, and did interviews with people who had finished the workshop with these Russians.

In that program, and in the follow-up progams it turned out that everyone was much better – most people massively reducing and even stopping their relief medication (as the symptoms were gone!) – over the course of a week.  The TV program went from being on “expose the scam” mode to “why did the doctors not tell us about this?” mode.

They interviewed specialist doctors and professors who simply claimed that the attendees had “simply grown out of asthma during that week”.  The children attendees in particular had remarkable improvements, but everyone improved.  I was hooked.
  Here is a copy of the program from 1993.  Especially interesting at about 5 mins 30 seconds in.

I contacted the Russian – whose name was Sasha Stalmatsky – who was a very gruff sounding but very genuine man with only some English.  I said I wanted to know more about how it worked, said I understood biochem very well – and could they send me some studies or models.  The document they sent was a heavy duty, badly photocopied, 23 page excerpt called the ” The Biochemical Basis Of K.P. Buteyko’s Theory Of The Disease of Deep Respiration” which had only just translated at the time from Russian.

As I read this document, which is one of the best articles on the biochemistry of carbon dioxide that I have ever seen, my mind went into overdrive.  It was very clear from the chemistry that my asthma symptoms were being generated by my body – as the direct response to my breathing pattern.  Without any further instructions, I tested the theory on myself.  Probably very rashly – I began to breathe in the way that – according this amazing document should make my asthma worse – almost immediately.

I gave myself asthma, then reversed it, three times in a row…

And that is what happened.  I gave myself an asthma attack.  It took about 40 seconds of the breathing and I had a very definite WHEEZE.  I kept going just a little longer – and it was getting worse.  I had my puffer ready – but the second part of the test was if I could reduce the symptoms again by doing the reverse breathing pattern.

This was very simple, if definitely not easy.  I essentially “almost” suffocated myself for 55 seconds and the wheeze was gone, my nose was unblocked, and I felt good.  Ok.  That was very, very interesting.  So I repeated the process – I brought on my asthma symptoms, then relieved them.  And then I had to sit down for a while as the implication of what I had just done became clear.

If we jump forward in time, I had left my cushy pharmaceutical job, taken all the training that Sasha and his team could deliver, and charged off to help people with asthma.  I ran Workshops in many parts of the world, and pretty much had perfect results.  People no longer needed puffers, over time they reduced and stopped their steroids, then people with sleep apnea and other conditions began to discover the amazing benefits of learning this process.

The point is – in EVERY workshop for a dozen years – everyperson who had asthma was able to produce symptoms out of nowhere – and then reverse them in only minutes with no drugs needed.  (There are some cases where this test is not done – but asthmatics usually can do it without extreme risk.  People with classical migraine, epilepsy should avoid it, and people with blood sugar issues need to be expertly watched.)

So – what has this got to do with your child?  Or you?  First – as a parent – if you child is less than about 18 years of age – they can apply a fairly blunt and direct approach to stopping their asthma symptoms.  If you are older than that – you need to apply a slightly gentler method – as your breathing system is less flexible.  More on that soon.

Asthma Attack at a Birthday Party – How It Happens…

First – let’s talk about a fairly common event for parents with asthmatic children.  Usually before the asthma appears there may be an exertion – for example playing very happily, running around having a great time.  Maybe at a birthday party – where it is all very exciting.

You might notice your child running and yelling and laughing.  Then you notice that they begin to either cough or have gone very quiet with a wheeze.  You might bolt over them and spray a puffer into them and the attack may cease.

Or it might continue to get worse.  And within a few hours the cough is constant, theyare very distressed, and you either follow your asthma program or take them to the ER for nebulizers of drug cocktails.  Generally that calms them down, you get to take some oral steroids home with you, which you give to your child over the next few days.

Asthma Attack After Getting a Mild Head Cold…

Another version of the onset of this episodic asthma in children begins as you notice your child has a blocked nose – perhaps a slight head cold and snuffles.  With the pattern you see that not long after that, your child begins the “cough”, which increases in frequency and depth until once again it is very clearly asthma.  You follow your routine – usually with a combination of drugs, maybe a hospital visit – and then it resolves fully a few days or a week later.  Until the next time.

What Parents Do NOT Realize About the Effects of “Almost” Having Asthma on Your Children…

During this time when there are no obvious symptoms – you believe your child is fine – and THAT is the reason I shared my growing up story.  It is not fine.  If your child is on the verge of have asthma from a head cold or a great play session – other things are also not right.  Their concentration will be weaker, their sleep quality low, and because of this you will likely notice behavioural issues.  Shorter temper.  Won’t sit still for long, and maybe a bit “angry” or just “every easily annoyed”.  Ability in sports will be reduced, and recovery after exertion not as fast as it might be.

Ok – I have talked enough.  If you have read this far you will likely be nodding your head at some parts.  Before I go on – I am going to ask you to decide to check what I have said above.  I ask you to do your research, ask people who you respect, google it, test it on yourself – do whatever you need to do to that will either allow you to teach this to your children – or to rule it out.

I ask you now to commit to following this to an end – not just put it on the list of things to do “sometime”.  Because that not checking it out fully is the reason that until now you did not know information that has been available since before the internet existed.  It has been around so long that I have aged 20 years waiting for doctors, nurses, physios, teachers – ANYONE to just pick it up and share it.  This information was around 45 years ago (In Russia) – and if it had been shared I would have had a less miserable childhood.  If you do not check it out now – your children will bear the wasted misery.

So – commit to follow through on your investigation –  click the blue “Next Page” box below.

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