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Buteyko Workshop First Session – The Secret You Need

First Session of my Buteyko Workshop as MP3 download.  Full 1 hour and 58 minutes that gives you the most important parts to mastering the Buteyko Method.

This first session of my Buteyko Workshop is the key to understanding exactly what you can do to overcome asthma, sleep apnea and a stack of other complaints.  The Full Workshop cost is $595 – and this is the most valuable part of it.

If you can only afford ONE Buteyko learning tool – get this one.

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Follow along with leading Buteyko Instructor James Hooper as he introduces the frameworks, ideas and method to a new class. This recording is 55MB and can be listened to repeatedly to get more insights into getting better and better results for your breathing. This recording includes MOST of the content for the entire Buteyko Workshop. Presented in James Hooper’s unique style -this is a fast and enjoyable way to become clear on what you need to do with your breathing. Included: 1. How to take things “for checking”. 2. Discover the main thing that can stop you from mastering this breathing 3. What the purpose of breathing is and what is “normal breathing”. 4. How to estimate your own breathing level 5. Simple explanation of the gases of breathing, and which gas controls your breathing (not what you think) and when. 6. Hear exactly what happens to people when they breathe even more than usual – amazing – coughs, dizziness, headaches – in a few minutes. 7. How to make an asthmatic child get a cough (when there was none before) in less than a minute. 8. Simple science so you can make sense of how to grow out of asthma 9. The key idea that makes asthma symptoms now able to be reversed without drugs 10. The role of smooth muscle in our lungs to reduce our breathing 11. The “mucus factory” that determines your coughing levels – and how it is affected by your breathing levels 12. How to make your nose clear so you can breathe through it – and why you should ONLY breathe through your nose. And – how to convince your children to become nasal breathers in less than a minute. 13. How to reduce the number of infections and colds you catch each year 14. Hear exactly how a 5 year old boy is taught the process of doing ‘steps’ – that resulted in massive reduction in asthma symptoms in one day – and a disappearance of his skin rash over 5 days. 15. The simple and direct way to reduce your breathing depth – without having to think about it all. 16. How to know that you are doing it properly. 17. How to deal with excess mucus, and how to escape a cough you might have had for decades. How to cough. How not to cough. 18. What to do on your first day of the journey to grow out of asthma. 19. How to complete the Workbook 20. What about emphysema or COAD? 21. The first stage of the process to reduce your snoring and apnea while you sleep

Price: $49.00

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Buteyko Download Bundle – Manual, Workbook & Lecture

Get the Top 3 Download Products and save.  This includes:

1.  PDF  The Buteyko Manual for Asthma – How to grow out of asthma as quickly as humanly possible – by James Hooper

2.  The Buteyko Lecture MP3 by James Hooper

3.  PDF Buteyko Breathing Workout Workbook by James Hooper

This package also include direct email support from James Hooper

Old Price: $47.00

Price: $45.00

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The Buteyko Method for Asthma – How To Grow Out of Asthma As Quickly As Humanly Possible

This PDF download is the original version of the Buteyko Method for Asthma – How To Grow Out Of Asthma As Quickly As Humanly Possible by James Hooper

It is the first, and many practitioners consider the easiest to apply, clear instructions on how to teach yourself the Buteyko Method.  It is written for asthmatics – but the process is the same for most conditions that Buteyko helps – including Sleep Apnea.

James provides email support if you have questions – and as will all his products the guarantee is simple:  If you give it a reasonable try and it does not work for you – just let me know for a no-questions immediate refund.

If there is one book that asthmatics or parents of asthmatics will learn more from than any other – this is the one.

Price: $27.00

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Kindle -Buteyko Method for Asthma – How To Grow Out of Asthma as Quickly as Humanly Possible

Kindle version of the Buteyko Method for Asthma – How to grow out of asthma as quickly as humanly possible – by James Hooper

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Purchase “How to grow out of asthma as quickly as humanly possible” in Kindle format on Amazon.

Price: $27.00

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The Buteyko Method for Asthma – How To Grow Out of Asthma As Quickly As Humanly Possible Workbook

This Buteyko Workout Workbook by James Hooper is the item he gives to Buteyko Workshop Participants.  It includes a summary of the process, as well as form needed for best results from breathing practice.

This is a PDF for Download.  ie you download it and print it yourself.  Note you are not permitted by copyright laws to give it away – or if you are a Buteyko instructor – to give copies to your class participants without permission from James Hooper.

Price: $19.00

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Buteyko Lecture by James Hooper MP3

This is the original recording of the Lecture by James  Hooper – “How to do Buteyko Breathing”.  This is an MP3 product for download.

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This will give you a great understanding of the easiest approach to use.

Price: $17.00

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